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  Already purchased your Partaksoft software and looking for the "full" version?

  Look no further!  To date, all Partaksoft products install all the software you need, even if it is a   trial install, or a lite/full scenario.  All Partaksoft software that you can purchase installs with the free download, and contains either an unlocking mechanism, or will self-patch, so you never have to  download twice!


   Looking for an older version of an Partaksoft product that you purchased?

  No problem!  Just send off a quick email to sales@partaksoft.com and request a link.  Archived downloads are not made publicly available on this site to prevent new users from downloading obsolete and unsupported software.


Location File Name Type Sample File Help File Runtime File Size
Partaksoft AheadStudioSuite130.exe Installation YES YES YES 2.42MB
Partaksoft AheadStudioSuite130.zip Archive YES YES NO 577KB
Partaksoft CheckBoxEx120.exe Installation YES YES YES 1.79MB
Partaksoft CheckBoxEx120.zip Archive YES YES NO 179KB
Partaksoft FileConservator165.exe Installation - YES YES 4.56MB
Partaksoft KeyMakerPRO220.exe Installation YES YES YES 2.29MB
Partaksoft KeyMakerPRO220.zip Archive YES YES NO 611KB
Partaksoft ProgressBarEx160.exe Installation YES YES YES 1.85MB
Partaksoft ProgressBarEx160.zip Archive YES YES NO 301KB
Partaksoft VisualButtonEx120.exe Installation YES YES YES 1.94MB
Partaksoft VisualButtonEx120.zip Archive YES YES NO 283KB
Partaksoft VisualMenuEx120.exe Installation YES YES YES 2.24MB
Partaksoft VisualMenuEx120.zip Archive YES YES NO 267KB


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