File Conservator Application




 File Conservator(tm) is the ultimate Encryption File tool.
it will help you Encrypt-Decrypt any file format easier






 and faster than ever.

-100% security guarentee.
-100% Powerful Application.
-Encrypt: Creates a new, ciphertext (encrypted) file,
  from an existing plaintext (un-encrypted) file.
-Decrypt: Creates a new, plaintext (un-encrypted) file,
  from an existing ciphertext (encrypted) file.
-Key: Returns/sets a String value that will be used as the
 private key for the encryption and decryption of data.
-Support File Format: Document Files *.doc,*.rtf,*.wri,*.txt
                               Executable Files *.exe,*.ocx,*.dll
                               Video Files  *.avi,*.mpg,*.mov,*.dat
                               Picture Files *.psd,*.bmp,*.gif,*.jpg,*.pcx,*.png
                                Audio Files *.mp1,*.mp2,*.mp3,*.wma,*.mid,*.rmi
                                Archive Files *.zip,*.rar,*.lzh,*.lha,*.arj
-and More!



Hardware Requirements ("Bare Bones"):

Recommended Hardware:

Software Requirements For Development:



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