KeyMakerPRO ActiveX Component


      KeyMakerPRO is the ultimate tool, easier and faster than ever.
    it will help you create a trial,shareware,... application with generate key and more!
    -100% security guarantee.
    -100% Powerful Control and Incredibly Flexible.

      -Allow Encrypt UserName,RegisterCode,DateLeft,TimeLeft in system registry.
    -Generate software key and register it as well as license code.
    -Set application Expiration Date(1 day to 10 years) and Expiration Time(1 apprun to 64bit number).
    -Create,delete,write,read,exist: application name-username-registercode-expiration date and time.
    -and More!



Hardware Requirements ("Bare Bones"):

Recommended Hardware:

Software Requirements For Development:



    Download and Order Your Copy of KeyMakerPRO 2.20 Now!

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