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 Ahead Studio Suite  ActiveX  79.95 EUR Pay Now with e-gold...
 CheckBox Ex  ActiveX  19.95 EUR Pay Now with e-gold...
 FileConservator  Application  29.95 EUR Pay Now with e-gold...
 KeyMakerPRO  ActiveX  49.95 EUR Pay Now with e-gold...
 ProgressBar Ex  ActiveX  19.95 EUR Pay Now with e-gold...
 Visual Button Ex  ActiveX  39.95 EUR Pay Now with e-gold...
 Visual Menu Ex  ActiveX  39.95 EUR Pay Now with e-gold...
 Ex Pack  Bundled Products  31.95  EUR - 20% OFF Pay Now with e-gold...
 Visual Ex Pack  Bundled Products  63.95  EUR - 20% OFF Pay Now with e-gold...
 Suite Pack  Bundled Products  223.95  EUR - 20% OFF Pay Now with e-gold...



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  Your Privacy - Our Commitment To You:

  At Partaksoft, we value your right to keep your personally identifying information private.  We use the Internet daily ourselves, and want the same privacy you do!  That's why we won't EVER give, sell, rent, lease, or otherwise release your personally identifying information to anyone else under any circumstances.  Additionally, we want you to be comfortable on our website, and that means making this promise to you, our customer, and following through on that promise, as we have always done.

Why Does Partaksoft Need My Personally Identifying Information At All?  How Is It Used?

We need your personally identifying information in order to serve you, our customer:

How Does Partaksoft Protect My Personally Identifying Information?

As previously stated in our promise to you, we do not give, sell, rent, lease, or otherwise release your personally identifying information to third parties.  Also, we do not store your personally identifying information on our web server, as some companies do.  We consider that to be a security risk.  All of your personally identifying information is stored on our private corporate computers in our main office, and is not accessible from the Internet at all, so there's absolutely no risk of someone stealing your information.  Additionally, should you purchase something from our Secure Online Store, we do not store your credit card numbers at all under any circumstances.  Your credit card is used by our secure web server for the moment of purchase only, through an SSL secure (encrypted) connection, then immediately discarded, which makes your purchasing experience with us as secure as going to your own bank.

In short, we vigilantly guard your personally identifying information as if it were our own.

ONCE AGAIN - We are committed to keeping your information PRIVATE.  We simply REFUSE to redistribute any of your information, and that's final.

DISCLAIMER: Upon request by a court or law enforcement officials, we will give personal information to such officials.  This is done in order to promote online security and keep our customers safe from those who would steal from them or defraud them.

Your Security When Purchasing Online:

Your security is extremely important to us.  We want you to be as safe and as secure as possible online, as well as your credit card and personal information.  All of our direct sales take place over the Internet, so we are especially interested in keeping you and all of your information safe when purchasing online.  After all, it's our very livelihood at stake!

How We Protect Your Credit Card and Personal Information When You Purchase From Our Secure Online Store:

Our "Secure Online Store" is a secure web server that your computer connects to with a 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encrypted connection.  An encrypted connection, like the one established between your computer and our server right now, causes the data transmitted back and forth to be "scrambled" on one end, and "unscrambled" on the other end.  The "scrambled" data is locked with a special "key" that is so large, it is completely impossible to guess, and it is impossible to decipher what the scrambled data is without the key, even with the world's fastest and most powerful computer.  In short, it simply is not possible for anyone (not even the best "hacker") to read the data being transmitted between your computer's web browser and any SSL encrypted server, such as our secure web server.

Therefore, when you submit your personal and credit card information while purchasing, only you and our secure online store servers can see the data.  And we never store your credit card information, not even for the sake of "convenience".  At the moment your transaction is complete, your credit card number is immediately and forever forgotten by our secure server.  And any other personal information that we use for customer service and support, such as your name and email address, is stored only on our private corporate office server, which is not accessible from the Internet at all, so your data is safe and secure... and we don't yaskifo with anyone!  (See our Privacy Policy for details.)

In short, not only is our Secure Online Store well protected - your personal information is vigilantly guarded as well!

The Partaksoft Guide To Personal And Credit Card Security Online:

We realize that with most people, there is a great amount of concern over the "risks" of using your credit card online.  While some of those concerns are just rumor, other concerns are actually quite valid.  Here is a list of do's and don'ts for making purchases with your credit card online.  This list is also a good rule of thumb for all your Internet surfing experiences:


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