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t is our belief that all software should completely accommodate the user while providing power and productivity. After all... if users find their software easy and natural to use, they will be more productive. We also believe software should be designed and built for simplicity, flexibility, scalability, and interoperability. We accomplish all of this with the firm foundation of proven development tools, ingenuity, solid design and experience.

  Above all, quality, service, and ingenuity are paramount at Partaksoft.



 Ahead Studio Suite 1.30

Ahead Studio Suite is a full-featured suite of ActiveX components for Visual Basic with 20+ controls and function/object   library.  [more]


 2004.09.28  CheckBox Ex 1.20
You may be tired of all this XP CheckBox's. (Default rectangle, Diamond and Round) XP Style.  [more]


 2004.04.10  File Conservator 1.65
File Conservator(tm) is the ultimate Encryption File tool. it will help you Encrypt-Decrypt any file format easier and faster than ever.  [more]                        


 2004.09.28  KeyMakerPRO 2.20
KeyMakerPRO is the ultimate tool, easier and faster than ever. it will help you create a trial,shareware,... application with generate key  [more]


 2004.11.26  ProgressBar Ex 1.60
Emulate the Windows XP Progress Bar Control With Color Customizable. Multi Supports Styles. and Vertical,Horizental orientation. This one is really clean and does not flicker!  [more]


 2004.09.28  Visual Button Ex 1.20
The Visual Button Ex control provides complete control over evry aspect of its appearance and behavior, it's the ideal button any developer.  [more]


 2004.09.28  Visual Menu Ex 1.20
MenuBar with 20+ benefit Skin (WinXP,Office2003,XP,2000,...) You can create and design quickly Custom MenuBar with WYSIWYG Editor and Custom Color Wizard by this ActiveX Control.   [more]


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